How do I know if ICCM helped my techie?

Most techies are introverts and are not too good at expressing themselves.  Start by asking them if they would like to attend again.  This is usually a yes/no question, and one they can answer.  Then, ask them if it was beneficial.  They may not be able to answer “how” it helped, but they can usually answer to say that it did.  Finally, you can tell them, “It cost the department [put the amount here], which is about the cost of [put some useful cool techie toy here].  Do you think the benefit of your attending ICCM is worth that amount?”  You may not understand “Why”, but you will usually find that they do believe it is worth it.  Many ICCM attendees have come for many, many years.  It is like attending a church or small-group.  It becomes a part of you as you become a part of it.  The benefits are not always visible, but when a problem comes up, it is usually that long-established group that steps in to help.