How does ICCM work for ongoing training?

Most technologists learn through “discovery learning.”  That is, we understand some of the theory behind something, but it is not until we immerse ourselves in a project using that technology that we truly understand it.  And, with the Internet, we tend to use “just-in-time” learning, which means that we do the final research just prior to implementing things.  These forms of learning are very important to the technologist, since technology changes on a monthly, if not daily, basis.

At the same time, technologists do need to have a lot of theory for making initial decisions.

ICCM has some time where we teach the “basics”, or foundational learning, which we feel all technologists need to serve well in missions.  These topics are usually things like networking, infrastructure, communicating with management, and working with users. And then we have a lot of sessions to introduce various technologies, how they are working for us in missions, and technologies we have found not to work well (what to avoid).

Every year, the attendees get to decide which sessions are most important to them, which technologies they want to get an overview of, and which foundational skills they want to improve upon.11