Should I bring my spouse?

Most married couples ask this.  For the techie, ICCM is one of the most encouraging and building-up thing you can do.  Most supporting spouses, in an attempt to understand their techie, think to themselves, “Maybe I should attend.”  Seriously, most spouses do not get much out of ICCM unless they are a techie.  Many of those who have attended have said that they are glad they had the opportunity to see their spouse in their element, but it was a one-time thing.  It is a great opportunity for the spouse to visit with extended family in the area, or see the sights.  But, unless there is a real reason the spouse needs to attend, we recommend against it.  The techie, if they get the chance, will spend most of their time hanging out, asking questions, answering questions, and geeking.  If they have a spouse there, they feel torn with their “free time,” and usually do not get as much out of the conference themselves.